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Gold Star Pet Resort offers a variety of training options designed to fit each individual dog and owners needs. Does your dog take YOU for a walk, pulling and dragging you all the way? Does your dog jump all over you and any guest that enters your home? Does your dog ignore you when called or does he/she play catch me if you can? If the answer is YES to any of these questions then our Basic Home Obedience class may be right for you. Our small classes run one night a week for six weeks at a cost of $85. 
Positive reinforcement is used to encourage polite behavior from the dogs. The dogs learn proper greeting behavior, and how to walk nicely on a leash. They also learn basic commands such as sit, down, come, and stay. Class size is limited to a maximum of 8 dogs though 6 is the average class size. Every class begins with a problem solving session to address behavioral problems any dog may be having at home. This gives each owner time to explore options to deal with any problems with class members also contributing ideas on how they dealt with similar problems. We realize that there is never one answer that will work with all dog all the time so plans are individualized to each dog needs and responses. Our goal is to build the relationship between dog and owner while fostering appropriate polite behavior in the dogs. 

In-House Training and Private Lessons

For owners who are not able to attend the classes we have several options available ranging from private lessons to in-house training at our facility. Private lessons are also available at the client's home if needed. Our in-house training program is again individualized to each dog's needs using positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior.  

In-house training dogs stay with at our facility Monday thru Friday, and receive several training sessions per day with one private lesson per week with the owner included in the fee. 

Our Daycare, and Boarding guests can also receive training session upon the owners request.

Training Rates

6 Week Class

30 Min. Private Lesson 
45 Min. At home Private Lesson

In-House Training
$250 per Week

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