18280 Hull Prairie Road 
   Bowling Green, Ohio 43402    


Doggie Daycare

Safety First

Maintaining a safe and stimulating Doggie Daycare experience is what our program is all about. All dogs in our Doggie Daycare are required to be up-to-date on their Rabies, Distemper Combo, and Bordetella vaccines. We also require that all pets be on a monthly flea preventive. All dogs that wish to enter the program must also be interviewed, and have their temperament tested. All pets in the Doggie Daycare program are required to attend daycare at least once per week, so we can minimize the number of new pet introductions.

Our Daycare program is more than just a place to take your dog to tire them out. The Doggie Daycare experience can either be one where new and positive behaviors are fostered, or one where negative traits are reinforced, or even learned. Our program is designed to both stimulate and entertain your pets, while building important social skills necessary for the development of a happy, and well adjusted animal. We focus on creating only positive interactions for your pet by limiting the number of dogs allowed into the program, and making sure all dogs have a temperament that will work within our group.  We also have trainers on staff to work with any behavioral issues your dog may have.

How can you tell which Daycare is right for you and your pet?

Ask the right questions:

- How often are dogs injured in your facility?
- Has a pet ever escaped your facility?
- What is the maximum number of dogs, and maximum number of dogs per employee?
- How experienced/trained are your employees?
- What extra services can you provide for my pet while in daycare?

Extra Services

Training - Training services are offered as an additional service. Sessions are individualized depending on what each dogs needs help with. Leash training and basic commands along with problem behaviors can be addressed in the sessions.

Swimming – During the warm months, all of our Doggie Daycare dogs get to swim in our ½ acre fenced in pond at NO extra charge!

Grooming – Dogs can be bathed and groomed while they are in daycare. 

Emergency Boarding – Can't get back to pick-up your pooch at the end of the day? We have overnight boarding available for dogs that need it as well.

Daycare Rates

Full Day 
(8am-6pm, Mon-Fri) - $24.00

 (4 hours or less) - $13.00
Training Session 
(15+ min) - $10.00

Included FREE for our Daycare dogs!

Daycare Packages 
All packages except the half-day package may be split between two dogs.

- Bronze Package -
The Bronze Package includes 8 full days of Doggie Daycare per month with one training session included per day. 
Retail : $272
Your Price : $175
- Gold Package – 
The Gold Package includes 16 full days of Doggie Daycare per month with three training sessions included per day. This package also includes one free Bath and Nails per month.
Retail : $894
Your Price : $399
- Silver Package – 
The Silver Package includes 12 full days of Doggie Daycare per month with two training sessions included per day. This package also includes one free Bath and Nails per month.
Retail : $558
Your Price : $275
- Half-Day Package – 
The Half-Day Daycare package includes 8 half-days of Doggie Daycare per month. 
Retail : $104
Your Price : $90
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