18280 Hull Prairie Road 
   Bowling Green, Ohio 43402    

Pond Reservation

Rates for private pond rental.

Max 3 People, or 4 Dogs - $11/hour
Max 6 People, or 8 Dogs - $18/hour
Max 9 People, or 12 Dogs - $21/hour
This is a request for a Pond Rental.  After submitting this form, you will receive a call or email, either requesting any further information that we require, or giving you a conformation number for  your reservation.  If you need immediate conformation of your reservation, just call us at (419)354-7770 and book over the phone.

If it is your first time renting our pond, you will need to fill out a Liability Waiver.  This waiver can be downloaded HERE, or you may fill one out at our location.

Groups larger than 9 people require special permission.  Call (419)354-7770 for large groups.  This service is for owners and their dogs, children are not allowed to swim in this pond.
* indicates required field
The reservation will NOT submit if the form is missing required fields!

Pond Rental Request

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